Harvard Biostatistics Multiple Lecture Courses

Course Title: Applied Survival Analysis

Course ID: BST223 (Full Term Course)

Topics to be covered:
Types of censoring, hazard, survivor, and cumulative hazard functions, Kaplan-Meier and actuarial estimation of the survival distribution, comparison of survival using log rank and other tests, regression models including the Cox proportional hazards model and the accelerated failure time model, adjustment for time-varying covariates, and the use of parametric distributions (exponential, Weibull) in survival analysis. Methods for recurrent survival outcomes and competing risks will also be discussed, as well as design of studies with survival outcomes. Applications to real data will be emphasized.

Prerequisites: BST210 or BST213 or BST 232 or BST260 or PHS2000A

Prior math/stat knowledge: Ask the course instructor

Computing: SAS, Stata will be used in lecture and lab sessions. Class material will include presentation of statistical methods for estimation and testing along with current software (SAS, Stata) for implementing analyses of survival data.