Harvard Biostatistics Multiple Lecture Courses

Course Title: Introduction to Statistical Genetics

Course ID: BST227 (Half Term Course)

Topics to be covered:
This course introduces students to the diverse statistical methods used throughout the process of statistical genetics, from familial aggregation and segregation studies to linkage scans and association studies. Topics covered include basic principles from population genetics, multipoint and model-free linkage analysis, family-based and population-based association testing, and Genome Wide Association analysis. Instructors use ongoing research into the genetics of respiratory disease, psychiatric disorders and cancer to illustrate basic principles. Weekly homeworks supplement reading, course lectures, discussion and section. Relevant concepts in genetics and molecular genetics will be reviewed in lectures and labs. The emphasis of the course is fundamental principles and concepts.

Prerequisites: BST210 or PHS2000A

Prior math/stat knowledge: Bayes rule, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, estimation, chi-square tests for independence & goodness of fit, linear regression, logistic regression

Computing: Ask the course instructor